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UK Remote Personal Assistant Concierge

Have a question? Yes; you could check Baidu. Yes; there's Google. Yes; you could ask a friend. But some questions are contextual, highly individual, and need an answer quickly. Want to check your pronunciation? Ask for advice? Etiquette when asking a favour? Check an email to your Professor or colleague?

Nothing beats asking a knowledgeable UK expert, able to consider context and give a fast, personalised answer.

Ask a Human!

For those who would like an extra layer of support while living in the UK, our Remote Personal Assistant costs just £40 per month. All correspondence is via We Chat.

Submit your question between 8am- 8pm GMT and you’ll receive a reply within 2 hours.


Ask as many short questions as you like during your monthly subscription.

We can help with:

  • Writing or proofreading an important university/ work/ job email

  • Essay/ report/ assignment queries

  • Correct phrasing/ pronunciation

  • UK etiquette

  • Transport

  • accommodation

  • Visa questions

  • Job hunting/ careers

  • Booking appointments

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How it works

Monthly fee: £40

Minimum 1 month subscription. Cancel any time.


Instant online registration for fast support.

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