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Business Communications Training

fast-track your career with high-quality, personalised 1-1 online Business communications training.

mastering Business English will empower you to communicate your ideas with confidence, influence decisions, and drive meaningful change within your organisation. 

teaching philosophy

our business communications teaching philosophy combines industry relevance, real-world examples and interactive learning. We will focus on applying language to real-world workplace scenarios, to improve your vocabulary, sentence structure and confidence.

business English communications 1-1 classes:

  • Master the art of professional writing, including emails, reports, and memos.

  • Learn language techniques to build rapport with customers & clients. 

  • Develop effective public speaking and presentation skills.

  • Enhance your interpersonal communication abilities for networking and relationship-building.

  • Develop confidence in how to chair a meeting & how to participate in meetings.

  • Navigate challenging communication situations with confidence. 

  • Cultivate a strong personal brand and professional image.

Personalised lesson content, meaning that you only learn language relevant to you and your job role.

  • 1 hour lesson, with homework & learning extension materials.

  • Direct contact with your attentive and caring teacher, so that you can ask questions at any time.

Online Teaching
Exam Studies
Exam Studies

Presentation Skills & Business etiquette

Presentation Skills: Being an engaging, confident presenter is vital for academic and career success. In this Masterclass you'll develop first-class presentation skills by refining your delivery, clarity of thought, projection and intonation.

UK Business Etiquette Masterclass: About to start a job in the UK, or working with UK colleagues? In this Masterclass you'll learn UK business etiquette, equipping you with the knowledge for smooth communication, teamwork and relationship-building.

conversation & Accents

Conversation Skills Masterclass: This free-flow conversation masterclass focuses on expanding your use of a wide-ranging vocabulary, phrases and idioms, while considering a range of topics of interest to you.

English Accent Masterclass: Admire the British accent? A Received Pronunciation (RP) accent is also known as the King's English. In this Masterclass your mis-pronunciation will be identified and errors corrected. You will focus on RP pronunciation, vowels, consonants, rhythm and intonation, to speak with confidence and clarity.

Studying in a Coffee Shop
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