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1-1 tutoring for students and executives

My British butler will support you to achieve your very best via a range of academic services including subject tuition, English tuition, business English masterclasses and accent training. our network of experienced education professionals ensure that your unique learning requirements are met. 

Feel confident and inspired to conquer your learning goals. 

Personalised, expert Tutoring for students

IELTS tutoring: Reach your IELTS exam goals with expert 1-1 tuition from a specialist IELTS tutor. Following an assessment, a tailored package of classes, mock questions and practice is created to focus on your weak points, and ensure fast progress.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP): A tailored package of lessons for clients who will complete study or research in UK Higher Education, focused on your subject specialism and preparing you for success.

A-Level Preparation: Our wide network of tutors, including Oxbridge graduates, provide GCSE and A-level preparation classes, tailored to your child's topic needs and learning style.

Online Teaching
Exam Studies
Exam Studies

Presentation Skills & Business etiquette

Presentation Skills: Being an engaging, confident presenter is vital for academic and career success. In this Masterclass you'll develop first-class presentation skills by refining your delivery, clarity of thought, projection and intonation.

UK Business Etiquette Masterclass: About to start a job in the UK, or working with UK colleagues? In this Masterclass you'll learn UK business etiquette, equipping you with the knowledge for smooth communication, teamwork and relationship-building.

Learn with Stephanie

Conversation Skills Masterclass with Stephanie: This free-flow conversation masterclass focuses on expanding your high-level English vocabulary, while focusing on a range of topics of interest to you.

English Accent Masterclass with Stephanie: Admire the British accent? An Received Pronunciation (RP) accent is also known as the King's English. In this Masterclass your mispronunciation will be identified and errors corrected. You will focus on RP pronunciation, vowels, consonants, rhythm + intonation, to speak with confidence and clarity.

Studying in a Coffee Shop
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